Sleeping Stones

Sleeping Stones with a face

The Sleeping Stones are rocks that appear in only two episodes (like most minor characters). When they are awake, they look like an elderly rock man face. The stones are located in a mysterious territory in Tinga Tinga.

Physical Appearance

The stones are colored black. As the name suggests, the face of a man is made of stones.


As the name suggests, the stones are always sleeping. If one steps one of the sleeping stones, the stones will form a face of a man. The stones are very helpful to animals having trouble. For example, Meerkat deliberately woke up the stones, which made the stones teach her a lesson.


Season 2

  • Why Meerkat is Always on the Lookout (first appearance)
  • Why Cheetah Has Tears


  • The sleeping stones are the only non-animals to appear in another episode. The other two (Majitu and the wind) appear in one episode.