Photo 2

Leopard facing left.

Leopard is an animal who lives in Tinga Tinga.


Friends: Puff Adder and Lion

Color: Yellow coat with blue and turquoise spots, yellow eyes (Puff Adder's former skin color.)

Love interest: Lion

Likes: Formerly wished to become beautiful, Lion being her boyfriend.


Season 1

  • Why Warthog is so Ugly (mentioned only)

Season 2

  • Why Leopard has Spots (first appearance)
  • Why Hummingbird Hums (mentioned only)
  • Why Parrot Can't Keep a Secret
  • Why Buffalo has Horns
  • Why Skunk Smells (no lines)
  • Why Cricket Chirps (no lines)


  • It is possible for a lion and leopard to breed.


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