I Must Have A Tail from song Why Peacock Struts sing by Peacock and other animals.

Lyrics. And Why Peacock Struts.                                    Peacock: Oh but what's the point? Tortoise: Ahh there's a point Peacock. You see you can shake and you slither them. Warthog: You tickle with them tickle till you make em sneeze. Peacock: Achoo! Monkey: When they swing from tree to tree, it's your tail hold on you see. Elephant:  And if swinging's not your thing, Hippo: then a tail can be so pretty! Lion:  All tails have the uses all right. All: Shake and shake in awe your never going to fail if you got a lovely tail. Hallelujah! Heres my tail (clap clap clap) Hallelujah! We've got a tail! (Music ends)                                                                                                                    You see there was a time when PEACOCK didn't strut. He wanted to be the best at everything.y

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