Hyena without short back legs.
Name Hyena
Gender Male
Species Spotted hyena
Faction {{{faction}}}
Location Tinga Tinga
First Appearance Why Hippo has No Hair
Last Appearance Why Cheetah Has Tears

Hyena is considered to be one of the naughty scoundrels. He is known for being rude, greedy, spiteful, and sneaky.


Appearance: Orange with green spots, gray nose, yellow mane, long legs in the front short legs in the back (Formerly same size)

Likes: Eating Hen's eggs, biting animals' behinds (until he promised not to do it)

Dislikes: Being called ugly


Season 1

  • Why Hippo has No Hair
  • Why Warthog is so Ugly

Season 2

  • Why Ostrich Sticks her Head in the Ground
  • Why Hyena Has Short Back Legs
  • Why Parrot Can't Keep his Secret
  • Why Eagle Rules the Skies
  • Why Skunk Smells 
  • Why Cheetah Has Tears 


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