Flamingo is a recurring character from Tinga Tinga Tales. She speaks with a foreign accent.

Physical appearance

She is based on a common flamingo.


She has a fond on pink colour.


Season 1

  • Why Snake has No Legs (first appearance)
  • Why Tortoise has a Broken Shell
  • Why Giraffe has a Long Neck (mentioned only)
  • Why Porcupine has Quils (not named)
  • Why Flamingo Stands on One Leg

Season 2

  • Why Hyena has Short Back Legs
  • Why Hummingbird Hums (deleted scene)
  • Why Peacock Struts (no lines)
  • Why Whale Spouts
  • Why Cheetah has Tears (only seen in music video)


  • It is curious that her friends are based on lesser flamingoes and her name "Flamingo" is based on a greater flamingo. Both species are native to Africa.

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