Cheetah is the fastest cat
Images cheetah mom

Cheetah on a rock

of all of Tinga Tinga.


She is a mother to her cubs, who seems to care for Crocodile. She is on of the few animals in Tinga Tinga to have a natural colored fur coat.


Season 1

  • Why Snake has No Legs (first appearance, seen in music video)
  • Why Frog Croaks (no lines)
  • Why Jackal Howls at the Moon
  • Why Woodpecker Pecks (mentioned)

Season 2

  • Why Camel has a Hump (mentioned only)
  • Why Hummingbird Hums (mentioned only)
  • Why Buffalo has Horns Why Cricket Chirps (no lines)
  • Why Cheetah Has Tears


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